Monday, January 21, 2008

Keeping it Moving in Kuala Lumpur!

Check out our video highlights from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! 

Barnabas, Lorrie, Dan, Matt Q., Matt E. (Producer Extraordinaire), Jackie, and Yoko


ps46one said...

All so AWESOME! Thank you!

jimmy said...

Great video presentation, wishing you all well!!

Don B. said...

Wowie-wow-wow wow. Loved the kewl jazzy-bluezy music that accompanies the wonderful pics. GREAT job, thanks for sharing. Keep on enjoying.

wirda said...

i love the video! thanks to mr producer extraordinaire!

thanks for coming down to kl! hope u guys had fun here... and also having fun in thailand!

i miss u guys!

PS: barnabas' bday will be on the 24th, get a hot siamese chick for him! :D

Dr. REL said...

You guys did it!! The video is great and a terrific insight into your experience.....kudos to you all. Take care of yourselves as you wind down the experience.


Anonymous said...

Good job MATT, Great video. I'm proud of you. I'm impressed. Bee a blessing! Pops and Mom

James said...

Happy Birthday Barnabas, I hope you are making the best of it in Chiang Mai.

The postcard you all sent to the office about how great your first day in Singapore was arrived yesterday.

Matt did a great job on the movie, you really out did our blog from last year.

Enjoy the rest of the trip, we will see you next week.


kitti said...

I love the video :) you did a good job Matt :)
Enjoy the last days and take care :)