Sunday, January 27, 2008

A-Mazing Tweechol

Check out our adventure in the Syzygium Maze at Tweechol Botanic Garden!

Barnabas, Dan, Jackie, Lorrie, Matt E., Matt Q., Yoko

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Dr. REL said...

Reading about your adventures has been great. Those images from KL at night are incredible....composition, clarity, impact....I'm impressed.....really!! Hey Matt, I put your car out in my driveway, extra set of keys in the front passenger seat, car locked. I put the other set of keys in the place we discussed....what, did you think I'd tell the whole world where they are via this blog??!! Looking forrward to seeing you guys back. You'll need a few days to completely get over jet lag, no joke. I hope you have the same nearly emptly flight on the way home that I did so you can spread out and get some sleep. Bob